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Little Nick’s Castles was established after our son Nickolas had thyroid cancer. He pulled through and beat the Big C. Below is his story.

On the 4th July 2015 our son Nickolas who was 13 months had severe breathing difficulties and high temperature. We were rushed by ambulance to our local hospital. An ENT consultant came down and discovered a lump in his neck, he went for an x-ray which showed it was 3-4cm. Nickolas spent nearly a week at William Harvey Hospital, having x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI Scan, blood tests etc.

He was transferred to St Georges Tooting. He had more scans, blood tests and biopsies. Mummy stayed by his side throughout and Daddy came up most days when he wasn’t working. Gran after a few days in a hotel managed to get a room at Ronald McDonald House which was wonderful as she stayed there helping Nickolas and supporting Mummy. We were at St Georges Hospital nearly 3 weeks.

Nickolas had his lump and left thyroid removed, the lump was 5cm. Throughout his hospital stay he was very brave, always smiling at the doctors, nurses etc. He was full of energy, lots of people didn’t realize he was the ill one.

Nickolas, Mum, Dad, Gran and Grandad went to the appointment to have his stitches removed, and the results were not good he had thyroid cancer, although this is treatable it was a long process.

He was referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for further treatment and scans.

On the 13th December 2015 little Nickolas went to Great Ormond Street Hospital for his right thyroid to be removed, ultrasound scan and full MRI scan again the operation went well and we were amazed how he recovered so quickly, up and running around the next afternoon. He was there a week.

He spent a week in February 2016 at UCLH Hospital having scans, blood tests and injections.

On the 22nd April 2016 he was at the UCLH Hospital for radiation therapy, this was very hard for him as he spent most of the time in a room on his own.

It was a tough 2 years, operations, numerous appointments and blood tests. We thank our lucky stars that Nickolas is ok and medicines keep him healthy.

Nickolas and family want to give joy and happiness to lots of other children. We quite often donate bouncy castles for the day to local charity events.




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